Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Allergic to The Sun

I have a friend whose daughter has fairly recently developed Photo-Sensitivity. Because I had questions and think others here might benefit from the information, here is a list of medications know to potentially trigger this problem.

From Facebook
Edited to add an except from another blog post where I wrote about how this applies to my own story.

...what I have simply referred to as "hives" ever since I got home from the hospital, is sort of like hives in that it seems to be an allergic reaction, likely triggered into activation by one or some of all the medications I received in the hospital (no idea what one or ones at this point), but not to any typical triggers, but now a reaction to light, specifically the sun, itself. So, almost my entire left (stroked) arm is photo-sensitive to some degree or another. One area of my right, just above and below the elbow joint, is prone to this reaction as well, but it seems to be not anywhere else on my body right now (maybe my neck/face on a very low level).

I finally began to question my reactions when a friend explained her daughter's whole-body pretty severe photo-sensitivity to me and I realized that my hives always happened when I either had direct sun exposure or was using my bright reading light at bedtime. When riding in the car last week, we turned a corner onto a freeway on-ramp and when the sun came through the windshield and hit my left arm, the entire arm turn bright red and got itchy instantly. By the time we got up onto the freeway, I already had developed about half a dozen tiny, whit blisters that were raw and bleeding. This was the fastest and most direct reaction to the sun I had ever experienced, and thankfully not how swiftly most of my reactions have progressed!

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