Thursday, May 2, 2013


I've been researching my newest diagnosis this week. I was rather discouraged this week to visit the HypoPARAthyroidism (HypoPARA) Association website to read, "By now you realize that you have been diagnosed with a very rare disorder – so rare that you have had trouble finding out what it even is and how to deal with it" on their "new to diagnosis" page.

As if I weren't already enough of a medical freak? *Sigh*

In times like this, I am especially glad that I haven't taken God by surprise, that He's got a plan, and that this world is not my home!

Update, posted to my stroke blog, July, 2013:

Something else I still need to talk over with my endocrinologist about is my insistence that my hypoPARAthyroid issues are somehow stroke related.  None of my doctors could see how, and yet I know my body too well to think the timing is just all coincidental. Doing research within the last couple of weeks, I found the potential link between repressed PTH (ParaThyroid Hormone) and Aspirin (I take 2, low dose, per day to keep my blood thin enough to not clot the surgery site of my artery). I brought this possibility up to my neurologist, and while we both agree that the Asprin therapy remains critical and is not optional for me, he does believe there is real merit to my theory that this is the cause of my PTH repression. I will talk over this idea with my endocrinologist at my next appointment in September.